Bird Mania

jamie bishop

This place is amazing. We bought our African cape parrots from there his name is Kiwi.. they really have a passion and love for all of our birds and I would highly recommend bird mania to anyone looking to buy a bird.. kiwi is just about 19 weeks old and is already talking because they work with them and talk to the birds often.. he says his name " kiwi". He says hello and good morning .. very smart bird and we love him so much..

Melanie Perrella

Best bird store hands down highly recommend been going there for 7 years now. Love the environment and employees

hellen ghanem

She’s real amazing, helped me with my sick bird. She was genuine and sweet, very knowledgeable. Takes care of her pets with all the love in her heart. I am truly happy I found this place where I can make sure I’m getting the best products for my birds. Thank you Debbie you’re truly amazing

Gabby Ward

Great staff! They know their birds in and out and do an amazing job making sure both bird and owner are taken care of.

Rrrr Ooo

This place boards birds as well as has some awsome birds for sale. The employees are very helpful and know what there talking about. If looking for a beautiful new addition stop in to Bird Mania for an awsome experience.

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2733 W Emmaus Ave, Allentown, PA 18103, USA